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They put something in me which filled me with envy at first

Than a wave of empathy for my fellow human being

Which had berated me for my transgressions on my actuality of existence

Which faltered fast for instance they never told me how to do it

I just knew how to get through it

Never been taught before except for that one teacher that I abhor known as false memory

Which served so steadfast in keeping your ass on the grass

Your toddler feet never evolved to get involved into whatever matters most

Couldn’t even get up to greet your host

Who made this world possible but not passable

Tell them that you might as well leave behind what you last saw

That one past fall when they took you into the sky filling your eye

With twice as much sight as previously seen before

You know that’s what I adore when I see you are looking at me deeply

But I gotta’ keep to these tracks they set me on

I would take you along but it’s a one seated train

I cant really complain when nothing is ever the same

They tore it out of my chest and replaced it with the rest

That was needed in my head though would have never been obtained until I was dead

I felt it dig deep in the skin but I knew that I would win

The game was rigged

Every card I pulled was an ace speeding out at a dizzying pace

I savored the taste of the bile

Which came behind a curled tongue that held back words banal and benign

It’s hard to unwind when they push into your mind

Set your engine to rewind reset pause

Give a moment to view your cause

Which evidently leads to death

Do not hold your breath because when it’s gone

You wont be able to hold on

Might as well jump into the darkness with open arms and mind

You will find the bottom doesn’t exist

So we learn to unclench our fist and coexist peaceably