Notions of The Forests

We are three kings, roaming in the night of our forest kingdom. Our thrones are made of the mighty trunks of trees that gave way to our presence. We share the bounty that the forest provides… and weed out any infidels.

I am a scribe, sitting in my tent – observing the sound of the creek. The night-bird sings as slumber calls. Let sleep take over me.. so that I may write another tale.

I have come to realize, that all is not as we see. The myths of old do have truth – and the animals of the forests and lands are not animals at all as we see them so.

A revitalization is upon me, contemplating pupation is coming to an end. The cocoon slides away – I accept the teachings of the forest and all that it entails.

I have come here as the observer, not the participator. I have come as the treasure, not the seeker of treasure.

I have come to experience life, in pain, in beauty, in splendor, in desperation, in success.

I have come to give witness to love, to empathy, to apathy, and all the hatred humanity can possess.

My purpose is to see, not seek. My purpose is to feel, not hope.


About dak89

Dakota is a free lance photographer and writer. He combines both original writing and photography into one, both inspired by events in his life and insights gained during said moments. View all posts by dak89

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